La Palma Renovable

La Palma Renovable aims to facilitate the transition towards a 100% renewable energy island. We focus on promoting distributed energy generation, citizen participation, and a strong local economy in order to achieve energy sovereignty on La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Renewable Energy

Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Mobility

Local Economy and Citizen Empowerment


In order to achieve the decarbonisation of our island, the project La Palma Renovable has set the following goals:


  • Reduce energy consumption: in order to achieve financial savings and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase the production of renewable energy on the island: in a democratic manner by promoting self-consumption and to setting up an island-wide Renewable Energy Community
  • Doing it together: We facilitate a participatory process that includes all economic sectors as well as citizens – every person counts!



Every person on the island is needed to achieve these objectives. We are all protagonists of our island’s energy transition. This is why one of the key roles of the project is to coordinate all the puzzle pieces of our island: administrations, academia and schools, companies, associations and households.

Challenges that La Palma Renovable aims to tackle

Climate Change

Decapitalization and external economic dependency

Energy Poverty

About us

La Palma Renovable was formed thanks to the citizen movement “Plataforma por Un Nuevo Modelo Energético (Px1NME, translated: Platform for a new energy model), which had previously developed the Pathway towards a New Energy Model (Ruta por un Nuevo Modelo Energético) and the Manifiesto del Electrón (a manifesto signed by all local authorities on the island, committing themselves to a clean energy transition). The island government not only signed the document, but decided to finance a project that would coordinate the implementation of the objectives laid out in the manifesto. This is how La Palma Renovable was born – first as a project under the consultancy company SODEPAL (2018-2019), and later as the independent Socio-Environmental Association of La Palma Renovable.


In 2019, La Palma was selected as one of the pilot islands of the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat, an initiative of the European Commission.

Some of the partner organisations we work with include:

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