Working with local administrations is key; they are a real change agent who can encourage the rest of our society to get involved in the energy transition.

We are implementing a number of projects with the administrations, including:

Ecooolocal / SECAPs / Energy Transition

In late 2018, we started to work on the project Ecooolocal, together with the local administrations and Ecooo (an NGO based in Madrid with country-wide experience in this type of processes). Since then, we have further developed the project, always adapting it to the reality on the island. The project aims to monitor the energy consumption and costs of local administrations in order to help them make better decisions on how to optimise and accelerate the energy transition. 

We are currently also supporting the local administrations in the development of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs), as part of their commitment under the Covenant of Mayors.

The 50/50 Project

The 50/50 project is an educational project in which schools commit themselves to saving energy and water. To achieve the highest possible impact, we involve all actors of the school: Students, teachers, staff, cleaning and maintenance staff, etc. Once completed, the responsible administration commits to returning these economic savings to the school in the form of investments for further energy savings (50%) and in the form of a subsidy with which the school can decide to invest in different activities (the remaining 50%).

Energy poverty and social services

Energy poverty is a serious problem in Spain, and often interventions only take place when things are already in the emergency and/or welfare phase. Using a precautionary and empowering approach, we offer workshops and tools both to people working in public social services and to people experiencing energy poverty.


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