Employment and Cooperative Projects

Employment and Cooperative Projects

La Palma Renovable has been looking to create local employment and find a way of generating a circular economy that respects people and the planet since the beginning.

Back in spring 2019, we organised trainings (an “Energy Quarry”) for people who wanted to work on this new energy model. The trainings included modules about technical aspects and the electricity market, but also financial aspects and information about a social and solidarity-driven economy, as well as cooperativism.

In autumn 2020, a hackathon (a weekend of intensive work and training) was organised together with PandoraHub, in which various groups participated, ranging from established companies to projects in the idea phase, all working to solve specific challenges relating to the decarbonisation of our economy.

Some Seed Projects

Below you will find some of the projects born from “seeds” that were planted in different workshops and processes, and which we are taking care of and promoting today:


Renewable Energy Community Energía Bonita: This project is working to create an island cooperative with collective self-consumption projects through the network. There is an initial project in Los Sauces and one in Los Llanos. If you are interested in participating in the project or have possible projects in mind, you can write to info@lapalmarenovable.es or sign up via this form.


Clean Mobility Cooperative Movis: This idea was born out of the transversal workshops in September 2019 and the resulting Mobility Action Group. The project has evolved rapidly to the regional level, spanning all Canary Islands. It aims to create an electric car-sharing cooperative in the image of Som Mobilitat or any of the cooperatives found in the European network The Mobility Factory: