The climate crisis we are experiencing around the world is a consequence of the high concentrations of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere due to the use of fossil fuels.


At La Palma Renovable, we are very aware of the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency. This is why we are implementing a series of actions aimed at measuring the carbon footprint of the island and its organisations, in order to develop and implement effective decarbonisation plans.

Decarbonisation Agenda

In 2019, the island of La Palma was selected as Pilot Island for the European Commission’s Clean energy for EU islands secretariat, an initiative to help advance the energy transition on European islands. Combining the latest scientific data and knowledge with best practices in citizen participation, we seek to achieve the island’s energy transition by empowering people and making them the protagonists of change.

As part of our commitment, we have participated in different international forums, exchanging experiences and good practices with other islands. In addition, we developed La Palma’s Clean Energy Transition Agenda, taking into account the latest technological and social progress on the island.

Signatory Organizations

At La Palma Renovable, we are convinced that the energy transition on the island cannot be achieved without the involvement of the island’s people and organisations.


To this end, we introduced the Clean energy for EU islands pledge, which has been adopted by more than 90 organisations on the island (see map) that are committed to taking the actions needed to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. This includes calculating their carbon footprint, drawing up and developing decarbonisation plans, offsetting their carbon footprint and communicating the results.


We encourage all organisations that have not yet joined the movement and would like to be a driving force to sign up by writing us at


In order to make it easier for the citizens of La Palma to understand and monitor the current situation on the island, as well as the results of the different action plans, we have been using the ClimateView tool since 2019.


This tool, used by the Swedish government, allows us to visualise and ensure a holistic follow-up of the emissions generated in La Palma in the different socio-economic areas such as transport, energy, waste, etc.


Thanks to ClimateView’s powerful algorithms, we can make predictions for the future, allowing us to monitor the island’s energy transition almost in real time, and detecting deficiencies as early as possible to take corrective actions if needed.


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