Action Groups

Action Groups

The Action Groups emerged from the workshops organised in September 2019 in collaboration with the Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative, for which La Palma was chosen as a pilot island by the European Commission.


The Action Groups are self-organised groups made up of volunteers that promote different measures to help reduce the island’s emissions. We are currently working on a document with internal rules and regulations in order to streamline the functioning of the groups.

Action Groups:


– Education Action Group:

Mission: To promote a greater presence of environmental issues in our education system, in a way that permeates the entire curriculum and makes the energy transition a central and transversal subject.


1. Assess the degree of theoretical knowledge and environmental practice in the educational community.

2. Integrate environmental aspects in the educational system, thus contributing to the decarbonisation of schools and of the island by educating about consumption habits, carbon footprint, circular economy, energy savings and waste management, among others.

– Action Group “Salto del Mulato”:

Mission: Bring the Salto del Mulato hydroelectric power plant back into operation.


1. Confirm the expiry date of the operation concession, followed by the free recovery of all elements that constitute the exploitation facilities, in good condition.

2. Achieve expressed consent by insular Water Council that the water previously used for electricity production at the Salto del Mulato can continue to be used for this purpose.

3. Promote the commissioning of the plant by public law entities, citizen participation and/or the local energy community.

– Agroecology Action Group:

Mission: Create a new space for encounters to enable an island-wide agro-food transition from the bottom up by generating consensus from diversity.


1. Bring the producers together.

2. Involve local and regional administrations in the process.

3. Involve consumers as part of the agricultural cycle.

– Water Action Group (AUAPAL):

– Consciousness Shift Action Group:


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