Solar PV installation competition

Solar PV installation competition

The participatory project La Palma Renovable has been involved in the project EcoooLocal since 2018, working together with Madrid-based not-for-profit cooperative Ecooo Revolución Solar. Ecooo has extensive experience in energy-related projects.

Thanks to EcoooLocal, we have been able to monitor the monthly energy consumption and costs (electricity, water and fuel) of all 14 local authorities on the island, as well as of the island government (Cabildo Insular), and calculate their carbon footprint.

Ecooo Revolución Solar decided to donate a 2.5kW solar PV installation (panels and inverter) for self-consumption to the local authority that comes forward with the best proposal for such an installation.


To carry forward this competition, we call on all local authorities on the island to produce a short video explaining where they would like to put up the solar PV installation, and what actions they are already taking to achieve their decarbonisation plans for the next few years.
The jury will be made up of persons representing the community of the island of La Palma. They will decide on the best proposal by the end of March – the winning municipality will receive the installation of this competition.


From the 14 municipalities and the island government, whom we invited to join the competition, four municipalities submitted a video. Once the jury decides on the winning proposal, one of these local authorities will be able to enjoy their new solar PV installation. This way, they will support self-consumption of renewable energy in their constituency, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve significant economic savings. Most importantly, this installation will contribute to the well-being of the citizens as well as to the fight against climate change in our territory.

Breña Baja

Santa Cruz de la Palma


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